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How often does the everyday public have a chance to hear what the bioethical debates are within the halls of academia? Issues of medical ethics can find their way into public policy so creating awareness is important for all of us as we seek social justice in a challenging world.

Presentations can be delivered to both large and small groups; can be interactive or lecture style.

The same opportunity is offered to students in the healthcare professions or for students in junior or senior years in high school. My goal is to open the mind in an engaging and relaxing setting that leaves attendees with more questions than answers.

Presentation Topics

  • Death by Prescription…Physician Assisted Suicide
  • Physician Assisted Suicide…Public Policy Implications
  • The Law and Bioethical Arguments re: Physician Assisted Suicide
  • End of Life Suicide or Allowing a Natural Death
  • Dementia, Directives and Dying
  • Future Ethical Considerations for Direction of Healthcare Services
  • Establishing a Regulated Market for the Sale of Kidneys for Transplant
  • Social Justice and Rationing of Healthcare Services
  • Procreative Liberty Unleashed: Wild West of Reproductive Medicine
  • Medicalization of Dying


  • Academy for Lifelong Learning, Empire State College, Saratoga Springs NY
  • Brown University Alumni: Vero Beach Country Club: Medical Ethics in your Life
  • Indian River State College, Vero Beach, FL Lifelong Learning Institute Distinguished Speaker and Peer Leader for Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA: Intro to Medical Ethics
Speaking Engagements

Interested in having Susan Mathews speak at your upcoming event or lecture series? Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your needs.

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